Aerial Lift Rental Fails

An aerial lift recently fell on a captive audience during an Ears Alive concert. Three were injured; many were badly emotionally shaken, as the aerial lift, which careened above, fell to the ground due to faulty mechanical components found in the hydraulic lift. Narrowly avoiding tragedy, the venue location publicly apologized to those suffering injuries, as well as the families and friends of the injured. Also addressed were the thousands who had to experience this gut-wrenching situation, which widely induced panic. Not knowing whether the cause was an accident or a terrorist attempt, the crowd frantically tried to escape the arena, causing a bottle-neck at the few entrances available at the time of incidence.

Scissor Lift Rental Scrutinized

The Arena group is examining the accident, and talk seems to be that the development of a greater number of accessible exits is in the future plans. Spokesmen of the company stated earlier this morning that they are eagerly developing an action plan for immediate widespread evacuation for unforeseen future needs. While they do not anticipate such a need in the future, spokesmen reported that it is wise to be prepared if such an event necessitates another mass exit. This is just one of the many reasons that it is important to rent a scissor lift from a reputable company.

Boom Lift Rental an Alternative Opportunity

Also uncovered in the investigation of the aerial lift fall was the negligence of the aerial lift rental company which owned and operated the aerial lift. The aerial lift rental company cited, which will be released at a later time, is a leader in the scissor lift rental, aerial lift rental, and boom lift rental industry, and has historically had charges dropped concerning poor maintenance and operation of aerial lifts owned by this company. The reputation of Boom lift rental companies are affected, says an owner of another Boom Lift Rental company, as the aforementioned business has knowingly left maintenance and repairs undone, currently and in recent years.

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